From your very first training session, you’ll experience tangible improvements in your accent. With each step forward, you’ll unlock newfound confidence and clarity in your communication.



“Sandra helped me to quickly improve my oral English when preparing for international conferences. I fully recommend Sandra for her professionalism, her ability to adapt to a specific need and her formidable method. Thank you Sandra for your valuable input and your friendly manner, which enabled us to combine work and pleasure during our sessions!”

Alexia Saulais – Professional coach: Mental preparation for professional performance – France

What is Accent Modification Training?

Let’s break it down



Accent refers to the distinctive way in which a person pronounces words and constructs sentences, influenced by the phonological patterns of their native language. When someone speaks English with an accent, it’s because their native language’s way of speaking affects how they pronounce English words, and put sentences together. It’s like their first language leaves a mark on their English. This happens because people naturally bring parts of their native language into their second language.


Modification means making adjustments, to make something work better.


Training involves learning and practicing a skill with a more specific purpose or end goal.

Putting it together

Accent modification training is a transformative process designed to enhance English fluency, focusing on sounds, rhythm, and intonation. For non-native speakers, mastering these elements can significantly impact personal and professional success in the English-speaking world. Training focuses on you understanding your accent, making changes to it to sound more English, and practicing until you feel confident communicating in English. Let’s work together to enhance your speaking skills and reach your language goals!

What you will practice and master in training sessions

English sounds – Perceive and produce English sounds. This involves knowing where the sounds are produced in your vocal tract and how they differ from the sounds in your first language.

English rhythm – Perceive and produce stressed and unstressed syllables in words and phrases. Stressed and unstressed vowels create the rhythm of English. It is the contrast between long and short vowel sounds that is crucial for speaking and understanding English well.

Fluency – Perceive and produce fluent speech. Fluent speech occurs when the end of one word smoothly and effortlessly merges into the next word in spoken English. Fluent speech involves the blending of words, the creation of new sounds, and sometimes the omission of sounds. Lack of fluency can make an accent difficult to follow.

English intonation – Perceive and produce intonation. Intonation concerns how we say something rather than what we say. Through intonation, we perceive the attitudes of others, and express our own.

Why Accent Modification Training?

Enhanced Communication

Boosted Confidence

Career Advancement

Cultural Integration

Today, your ability to understand and use spoken English is fundamental. Spoken English is an essential skill that cannot be left to chance, but can be learnt and improved. Spoken English is more than grammar and vocabulary, It is also the way you use your voice and body to convey your ideas to others.

Accent modification training is a valuable investment for non-native English speakers of English seeking to excel in personal and professional realms. By focusing on sounds, rhythm, and intonation, you can unlock the doors to clearer communication, enhanced confidence, and increased opportunities in the English-speaking world.

Who is Accent Modification Training for?


Unleash the potential of your workforce and elevate your management team with the myriad benefits our tailored accent modification courses offer. 

Education Providers

Empower students with a comprehensive skill set. Elevate the educational experience, prepare students for global success, and reinforce your commitment to providing a top-tier training environment.

Industry Professionals

Effective communication is the cornerstone of success in any professional setting.  Your accent plays a crucial role in how others perceive you, impacting your confidence, credibility, and career growth. 


Develop the confidence to express yourself clearly and confidently for success in your studies. This newfound assurance goes beyond the classroom, positively shaping your interactions in professional and social settings.

Hi, I’m Sandra

I specialise in in spoken English communication training. Since 2001, I’ve supported numerous non-native speakers of English in articulating their ideas effectively, confidently, and authentically both in their professional endeavours and personal lives.

My educational background includes a MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Queenslandalong with a Bachelor of Arts in French Language and Culture, and the CELTA. For a comprehensive overview of my qualifications please see my LinkedIn profile.

If you’re eager to explore how accent modification training can benefit you, simply click the button to arrange your complimentary, obligation-free 30-minute meeting via Zoom.


"Although I am able to communicate well in English, I wanted to improve my pronunciation, but didn't know where to start. Luckily a friend recommended Sandra. Sandra's classes were structured in a way that I was able to understand the why, when, and how in regard to application of pronunciation rules. Understanding the phonetics was a crucial step to be able to distinguish the different pronunciations, and where exactly I needed to improve. Sandra built the classes to the point, that not only pronunciation was involved, but stress and changes of the voice were all part of the way to communicate my ideas clearly. My pronunciation is a work in process, I now have the tools to work on improving my English, not to get rid of the my accent, but to make my speech clearer to anyone. I couldn't recommend Sandra's classes enough, her technique and patience are magnificent."

Ligia Silva - Mobile communication consultant - Columbia

"Sandra is a great teacher, very patient & empathetic. I will always remember her voice during our stressed syllables lessons : "Didier, your aaaaaccent !" Thank you Sandra, I am very grateful for all your help. "

Didier Barthet - Consultant cyber-resilience Consultant - France

"Sandra helped me to quickly improve my oral English when preparing for international conferences. I fully recommend Sandra for her professionalism, her ability to adapt to a specific need and her formidable method. Thank you Sandra for your valuable input and your friendly manner, which enabled us to combine work and pleasure during our sessions!"

Alexia Saulais - Professional coach: Mental preparation for professional performance - France

"A few months ago, I didn't even know that stress existed in English! Fortunately, I met Sandra. She gave me all the essential keys to understanding and being understood by native speakers. The best way to progress in language is to have someone who detects, explains and corrects your mistakes. Thanks to her availability, kindness and professionalism, Sandra gave me the keys to improving my weak points. Personalized lessons helped me to achieve my goals more quickly. From the importance of phonetics to stress and linking, I now have all the information I need to improve my pronunciation. All that's left for me to do... is practice! "

Jean Michel Kerhoas - retired - France

"Sandra is a wonderful teacher who offers a personalised, one-to-one approach to learning French. She is extremely patient, well organized and very encouraging. She strives to give you the confidence not to be afraid to exchange a few words with a local right from the start. Sandra really adapts the pace, level and content to my needs and works hard on my weaknesses until something finally clicks. I feel safe to make mistakes and I'm very relaxed with her and happy with the progress I'm making."

Lyndie Wren - Personal Assistant - Australia

"Sandra is a highly organized and experienced teacher who is passionate about her work. She tailors lessons to your needs and individual learning style. Lessons are interesting, fun and varied, with homework in between to keep the momentum going. "

Lisa Plant - Expat- Australia

"The course gave me an excellent insight into everyday language as well as the opportunity to communicate with professional feedback on my current skills. The course as a whole was very sufficient and stimulating. Everything was clearly explained and all questions were answered. What's more, the course atmosphere was friendly and open-minded. I really feel more at ease with verbal communication."

Heather Ritter - Germany

"Before I started the course, I didn't know that pronunciation was so important, my previous teachers never taught it to me. I now realise that pronunciation is important and I pay attention to my pronunciation after taking this course. My IELTS teacher told me that my pronunciation has improved a lot."

Shoji Veda - Japan

"Thank you so much for the pronunciation course. I have learned a lot from the 8 week course and have improved my pronunciation skills considerably. I now feel more confident in my pronunciation in everyday conversations. "

Nyi - Indonesia

"I really enjoyed the course and found it clear and dynamic. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course to anyone seriously interested in communication. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Sandra, my teacher, whose help, dedication and encouragement were much appreciated."

Monica Ostin - Romania